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We provide your business with customer Intelligence instantly, the ability to respond to customers requests and resolve problems quickly.

How much of your time is wasted on inefficient customer service calls, incomplete or incorrect customer/account and technical information provided to your teams?

What if you could send instant messaging on route to your team?

What if you could video conference to solve customer/account issues or technical issues quickly?

Communication amongst team members could be instant and video conferencing would enable instant assistance to technical diagnosis and adding is sending correct equipment/parts avoiding unnecessarydelays.

Saving time translates to saving money. That’s why your business needs to move to the next level of efficiency with Digital WorkSmart.

Who We Work With

Digital Work Smart is suited to diverse businesses that involve service engineers, parts deliveries, shipping, dispatchment, electronics and dealership. We have worked for 100+ clients belonging to various industries.

One can perform various operations such as keep track of the location, know the complete details of the pickup and delivery location, enhance employee productivity, increase customer experience, increased communication across teams , and promote efficiency!

Engineering & Industrial firms

Service firms

Parts suppliers

digital work smart

This advanced delivery tracking software comes in a way that is efficient, robust, and affordable. Here are the top-notch features associated with Digital Work Smart:

Task tracking

TThe application comes with an accurate Task tracking feature which allows businesses to keep track of all service requests and live location of technicians.

Route Optimization

To minimize the fuel & energy costs and enhance Sustainable Development, we have optimized the route towards the destination for drivers.

Video Conferencing

The app has a feature of live video conferencing. Hence, businesses can also view the current status and can even solve technical issues at their place.

Customer experience

Status updates SMS / email will be sent to customers frequently such that they are updated with the current status of the product which increases customer experience.

Location Accuracy

The software is capable of offering an accurate location. All the team members’ locations can be accessed via real-time GPS with full accuracy.

Technician management

Business owners can take the complete responsibility of managing the technicians by allocating tasks for them, accessing their reports, etc.

Instant Communication

Communication won’t be a problem since everyone in a team is interconnected and are easily available anywhere anytime.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms are also available and hence one can create their own customized templates to design and enhance their businesses and make money.

beta clients

They listen to customers and add features. That’s the deal breaker comparing with other delivery software. I wanted a Multi pickup / Multi delivery customized with my Order API’s as we are running 40+ delivery agents picking up from 5+ restaurants. All integration was all done in just two weeks. Awesome team.

Our customers’ loved the tracking feature and notification alert of what’s happening with their order. No back and forth phone calls. It also helps to calculate mileage covered by drivers. We had asked for some great reports and dashboard and looking forward to it.

Launching our white label OTT platform

With a powerful medium like digital in hand, artists and media companies alike, have the opportunity to build the next BIG platform effortlessly. Content creators don’t have to restrict their reach and engagement within predefined digital boundaries. They can build their own medium, powered by their own ideas, emotions, and technologies, impacting millions of lives at a time.

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We intend to build life simplified applications for Enterprises. Our platforms are easily customizable and can be customized for any business that eventually reduces your IT Investment.

Digital Work Smart is perfectly blended with the combo of both traditional and popular technologies that a platform should have!

our team

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